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set ups

Every stringed instrument needs a set up, set ups include, proper neck adjustment, action adjustment, proper pick-up height on electric guitars and bass, adjusting for proper intonation, and cleaning up the instrument. Set ups have a set price of $50 for acoustic and $50 for electrics including electrics with a tremolo 


Neck Resets and Refrets

After years of tension, strung instruments will pull on the neck creating distance between the bottom of the strings and the top of the fret, "action" This is not something that can simply be adjusted, Neck reset is the only answer

Acoustic neck resets are a set charge from $300 for a dovetail and bolt-on to $600 for a Les Paul or the impossible Classical guitar neck reset.


 We refret to replace worn-down frets, and sometimes we refret because the player wants a larger or smaller fret 

Refrets have a set price of $15 per fret as sometimes the instrument needs only a partial refret.


Damage repair and Restoration

I charge an $85 per hour fee on repairs and restorations. 

Broken Headstocks

Cracks in Acoustic Guitars

Loose Braces

accidental holes


ding repair

Technical repair of electric's

Electric Guitar Modifications

Don't be shy in asking, you would be surprised by what I can bring back to life. 

The average repair is accomplished in under 3 hours

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