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A Bit About Us

Who We Are

In 2004 due to an injury, I had to find a new occupation, I came across a few ads for Luthiery schools in a guitar magazine, 

I found a school in Canada, The Summit School of Luthiery. I finished school in Feb 2005 and immediately went to work for Santa Cruz Guitar Co.  At SCGC I worked in the finishing department learning all the steps in applying, sanding, and buffing out nitro finish. From Santa Cruz I found a boutique guitar store in Livermore Ca called Fine Fretted Friends, I was able to work on some if not the finest guitars in the world, performing neck resets on a 100-year-old Martins, refrets on vintage Les Pauls and Fenders. FFF was a fantastic place to hone skills. Then there was the market crash of 2008, which shut down FFF. In 2008 I started my company Clara Acoustic, I had 3 stores in Pleasanton and Livermore and 3 in Modesto, and several customers from my time in Livermore at Fine Fretted Friends. In 2010 I received a call from Michael Ferrucci, my old boss, from FFF offering me the position of Head Luthier at Voyage-Air Guitar Co. a budding travel guitar company, I accepted the position and have been with them since.

K. Doyle Musik is offering the highest quality repairs at affordable prices. My passion for fixing what’s broken has brought me to the forefront of the repair industry, and my impeccable results have kept me there.

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